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VR-1000-FP Storage Rack 4 Pack – Call To Order


4 Pack Vertical Storage Cylinder Rack with ISO/UN Air Storage Cylinders with Fill Panel.


Cylinders NOT included in pricing.

(shown with 4 each 437cft @ 4500 psi ISO/UN air storage cylinders P/N VR-1000-FP/4500-4)

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Standard Features Included in Base Price

Durable, powder coated steel frame, Lifting steel eye bolts (2) – rated 2400 lbs vertical lift each, Steel swivel/locking wheels—optional, Powder coated U-Clamps to secure cylinders to the vertical storage rack, 0~6000 psi HP reducing, self venting regulator with safety valve on outlet (regulates for variable pressures), Filling pressure control valve, Storage pressure gauge 2 ½”, Filling pressure gauge 2½” (to monitor SCBA or SCUBA individual filling pressure), Furnished with two (2) each fill outlet ports, One inlet port from compressor, Seamless .049 wall stainless steel hard plumbed, pigtail 6000 psi with T-fitting. Tubing fittings have (2) ferrule mechanical grip design, allows the front ferrule to seal while the back ferrule grips, High pressure air storage cylinders D.O.T. or ASME

Service Pressures

D.O.T. (rupture safety disk in valves) 444cft @ 4500 psi with CGA-347 On/Off Valve 472cft @ 5000 psi with CGA-347 On/Off Valve 509cft @ 6000 psi with CGA-702 On/Off Valve ASME (safety valve, On/Off valve, drain valve and gauge on cylinder)Available in 6, 8 and 10 pack; vertical or horizontal With or without Fill Station CALL FOR PRICE 537cft @ 7000 psi, Measures 26” x 25” x 74” (as shown), Weight 793 lbs. (as shown w/ 4 each 4500 psi cylinders)