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The Max-Air VR-1000 Vertical Storage Cylinder Rack will

accommodate (4) each of the 4500 psi, 5000 psi, 6000 psi or

ASME high pressure air storage cylinders securely with

handling/lifting options, featuring:

Service pressures:

ISO/UN (rupture safety disk in valves)

444cft @ 4500 psi with CGA-347 On/Off Valve

472cft @ 5000 psi with CGA-347 On/Off Valve

510cft @ 6000 psi with CGA-702 On/Off Valve

ASME (safety valve, On/Off valve, drain valve and

gauge on cylinder)

537cft @ 7000 psi

Measures 26” x 25” x 74” (as shown)

Approximate Weight 800 lbs. (as shown w/4 each 4500 psi cylinders)

Available in 4 and 6 pack; vertical With or without Fill Station


4 Pack Vertical Storage Cylinder Rack with

D.O.T. Air Storage Cylinders with Fill Station

(shown with 4 each 444cft @ 4500 psi D.O.T. air storage cylinders

P/N VR-1000-FP/4500-4)

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