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Because of the level of customization and variety of options, we have found it best to help guide you through purchasing your compressors on the phone! This way we can ask the right questions to ensure you are getting exactly what you need.

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chad patterson
chad patterson
12:36 24 Jan 24
17:00 16 Nov 23
Quick and detailed response via email when I reached out to service an old unit. Very helpful, even finding sources for me while overseas!
daniel t mundy
daniel t mundy
00:53 15 Sep 23
I am a recreational diver and was looking to purchase my own scuba fill station to avoid the long time consuming rides to the dive shop to fill my tanks I bought the max air 35 (electric model ) and couldn’t be happier with the product. I looked around for quite some time and there are some Chinese knock offs of this type of product that looks similar but my research showed they are substandard in terms of quality and do not last. Not too mention the safety concernsI like the fact that the Max Air company has representatives who are immediately available. I have called the company a number of times to confirm technical questions that I had and I was always able to immediately get somebody on the line who knew exactly what I needed to know. This compressor is much easier to run and monitor than I thought it would be the directions in the manual make it extremely simple. I’m very happy with the product and I would highly recommend it. I have been diving for over 35 years and it is nice to finally have my own fill station And it has increased the amount of times that I am now going out diving
Luke Dow
Luke Dow
14:48 24 Aug 23
Purchase one of their electric units a while ago, stored it improperly and with zero maintenance for years, low and behold it wouldnt work. NO PROBLEM! Marc and the rest of the team down there was quick to act and super friendly and helpful and even answered all of my dumb questions and put up with my constant calls with little to no annoyance on their end. These folks helped me out big time and did it quickly and reasonably priced! Now my compressor is working like a champ. Thank you!
Waseng Xiong
Waseng Xiong
13:26 11 Aug 23
I had an issue with our pressure switch and a phone call later resolved the issue. Great folks to work with. Thank you for the great customer service.
Scuba School Morrilton
Scuba School Morrilton
16:43 18 Jul 23
I have had my model 90 for several years. It gets a really good workout because I am a dive shop. I have three banks of three in my air cascade and two banks of three in my nitrox cascade, I have a little more than 1,000 hours on it. Prior to purchasing my max-air, i bought a used compressor and literally had to work on it every time i compressed. I'm in Arkansas and they are in Texas. once i had to replace a head because i was operating it out back of the shop and wasn't careful about running it in the heat. Now it is inside and i only run it in the morning. recently i lost the second stage an Alan walked me through troubleshooting, overnighted a part and I'm up and running again. That's customer service. highly recommend the product and the staff.
Jeffrey Steiner
Jeffrey Steiner
14:42 19 Jun 23
Everytime I call there is always someone willing to spend the necessary time answering my questions and helping me with any servicing needs I may have (whether it is getting replacements filters, oil, spare parts, or even just basic guided troubleshooting for regular compressor maintenance)They guys are great. I cannot say the same for their competitors who don't spend any time working with customers unless it ends in a sale. MAX-Air is amazing when it comes to dealing with customers as business partners and NOT just another sale. They go above and beyond to ensure successful operation of my business. And everytime I talk them, I really feel that they just 'get it' and they treat MY business as if it were 'THEIR' business as well, always looking out for me making recommendations that help me get the most out of my compressor. Keep in mind, my compressor is more than 10 years old and still runs GREAT. I can't think of any other business where 10 years later they are still taking care of the customer. They BACK their products. I received my compressor used from a 3rd party and they still support me and my business. I would.recommend MAX-Air to anyone needing a breathing air compressor or support with their compressor. Thanks MAX-Air!!!
Spear It Animal
Spear It Animal
04:15 16 Jun 23
Amazing company, extremely helpful and informative! After many days and hours of researching different compressors we decided to go with the Max Air 35 and it has worked flawlessly for us out here on our sailboat. After 6 months of continued use and abuse it runs strong, fills tanks fast, and stows well…Honestly we couldn’t be happier with this purchase!
John A
John A
16:47 02 Jun 23
Absolutey love our MA-35 gas honda compressor. Having the honda, as opposed to an electric motor, has given us complete freedom to take it with us while we travel which allows us to dive anytime we want. Also, I can top off my air rifle tank whenever necessary. I would also like to mention their customer support and the personal service they gave me. They educated me about the product and its capabilities and even talked me out of adding features I really didn't need (saved me over $800) many companies try not to sell you something? Because of all of this, Max-Air has a customer for life.
Wilspec Technologies
Wilspec Technologies
19:52 11 Aug 22
Our compressor going down without a air. We call MaxAir support and talked with Alan about the problem. He is a guy help us to bring our compressor back in the line. Thanks Alan.
Mike A
Mike A
19:02 06 Jul 17
Max-Air compressors and support are amazing. We have 6 different Max-Air systems and run them very hard, without any problems or downtime. Their customer support is fantastic and they are helpful. Best compressors I have ever used.
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