You may purchase Max-Air products by using our website, email or by phone. When in doubt contact Max-Air and we will help with your order. Order confirmations are sent out via email. If you need assistance with your order, please contact your Max-Air sales associate.

Products Not Available for Online Purchase

If a product is listed without an “Add to Cart” button, please contact our sales staff to discuss your requirements as many of our products are custom-built to your specifications. Max-Air customizes each compressor to fit the customers needs therefore online ordering of a compressor is not an option.



Order Payment Terms

A 50% deposit at time of order is required for all compressor purchases, with the balance due prior to shipping.

Orders made over the internet or from new customers require prepayment before shipping in the form of a credit card, check, ACH/direct deposit, wire transfer or cash.

Max-Air ships most orders via Fedex but we compare multiple companies to provide the best shipping rates possible.

Max-Air does business in US dollars. Any orders from outside the United States may require the purchaser to cover additional bank charges from wiring fees.

Personal checks are accepted; however, we will not ship until the check clears our bank account. These orders will be delayed until the check shows as funds received in our bank account.

Returned checks will be assessed a $35.00 handling charge on all non-sufficient funds. Additionally, Max-Air may require prepayment for any further transactions before shipping future orders.


FOB Kerrville, TX. We use multiple shipping companies to ensure the best rates for our customers.  Customers may also arrange their own shipping but will incur a handling fee.

Customs Duty & Import Tariffs

International customers or the “order recipient,” if different from the customer placing the order, are solely responsible for any customs duties, import taxes or fees arising from Max-Air product purchases. The “importer of record” (the recipient) must follow all laws and regulations of the destination nation. Import tariffs, customs duties and fees are typically assessed once a shipment reaches the recipient’s country. Additional charges for customs clearance are the responsibility of the recipient. Max-Air is not responsible for customs duty, import tariffs or other fees imposed on any order.

Max-Air prides itself on exceptional customer support.  We begin building relationships with our customers even before a purchase has even been made.  We are happy to bid maintenance, repair and parts for all the compressors and accessories we sell.

Service Requests

Max-Air technicians are trained to service all the products we sell.  Our in-house and field technicians can service your compressor with confidence and in a timely manner.  We have service partners in most areas of the country.  Contact Max-Air by phone during our business hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central Time, Monday through Friday and we will help you decide on the best service option for your situation.

Local Area

  • Labor is charged per hour of an 8-hour workday.
  • Time-and-a-half after 8 hours and on Saturdays is charged.
  • Sundays & Holidays: Double time is charged per hour.

Outside the Local Area or the United States

  • Max-Air will send a service worker to your place of operation via plane, boat, or train. We offer competitive travel day rates. Services onsite will be billed at our normal rates with the exception of an 8-hour day minimum while on location.
  • All rates are plus expenses such as round-trip airfare, departure taxes, taxi, parking, or any other transportation cost for travel to the location of service. Additionally, lodging (hotel/motel), meals, any special permits or bond fees necessary to work at the location will be applied.
  • These rates apply unless otherwise agreed upon in advance and in writing, signed by Max-Air management. All payments must be made in US funds: Cash, cashier’s check, money order, credit card, or any other non-revocable payment method. SORRY, NO PERSONAL CHECKS ACCEPTED!
  • All labor costs do not include parts, outside contractor cost, special handling and shipping costs, long distance phone calls for any parts needed to complete repairs or fabrication of equipment not in stock or done in house. Labor costs include planning, layout, sight inspection, design and work done with outside contractors.



The materials supplied by Max-Air are covered by a 1 year warranty, the validity  of which  begins when the compressor is delivered as proven by the delivery document unless other agreements have been made in writing and approved by Max-Air.  Max-Air shall repair or replace those parts it acknowledges to be faulty during the warranty period.  In replacing the faulty part Max-Air shall not be liable for any other expenses sustained by the dealer or his customer such as presumed damage (present or future), lost earnings or fines.  Routine   and unscheduled   maintenance   must  be  carried out  in  compliance   with  the  instructions  contained  in  this manual.  Should the  required  work  not  be  covered  by  the manual or assistance be required you are advised to contact Max-Air in writing, even where agreements have already been made on the phone. Max-Air cannot be held liable for any delays or failure to execute work.

Max-Air cannot  be  held  liable  for  any  damage or mal- functions  caused by work carried out on the compressor by unauthorized personnel.

Max-Air guarantees that its compressors are free from design defects, workmanship and the used materials for a period  of 1  year starting from  the  date  of  delivery  of  the  compressor;  should  the  customer note any flaws and/or  defects  he must  report them, in writing,  to Max-Air within 8 days of their discovery  otherwise the warranty shall be rendered null and void. The warranty only covers flaws and faults that occur where the compressor is used properly in compliance with the instructions contained in this manual and where periodic maintenance is carried out. The warranty   does   not  cover   faults  caused   by  improper  use  of  the compressor,  exposure  to atmospheric agents  (rain etc.) or damage during  transport;  all  materials  subject   to  wear  and  those  subject   to  periodic  maintenance are not covered by the warranty and are to be paid for by the customer in full; in any event the warranty is rendered null and void if the compressor is tampered with or if work is carried out on it by personnel who have not been authorized by Max-Air. A compressor that has been acknowledged  as faulty on account of flaws in design,  workmanship or used materials shall be repaired or replaced free of  charge by Max-Air at the plant in Kerrville, TX; costs regarding transport, delivery of spare parts and any materials subject to wear shall be met by the customer. Should warranty-covered work need to  be carried out on the customer’s premises,     travel  and     accommodation     costs   for  personnel   sent   by Max-Air shall be met by the customer.    The act of taking delivery of machines  and/or  faulty   components  or the sending of technicians to assess the presumed  defects and/or flaws reported by the customer does not in itself imply acknowledgement that the defect is covered by warranty.    Repairs and/or replacements made by Max-Air during the warranty period do not in any way prolong the latter itself. Acknowledgement  that  a  defect  is  covered  by  warranty does  not   in itself mean that Max-Air is in any way liable to award  compensation.

Max-Air cannot be  held liable for  any other direct or  indirect damages imputable  to   compressor  defects  and  flaws  (loss  of  production or earnings etc.)  except in  cases where serious negligence  is  demonstrated.