The Ultimate Guide to Scuba Air Compressors

Are you relying on others to ensure you have adequate air in your scuba air compressors? If so, it’s time for the serious scuba diving enthusiasts to learn how to properly fill their tanks.

It’s sort of like tennis players who rely on others to string their rackets. Not only does the cost add-up over time, you’re at the mercy of those trained to do the job. During the busy season, you will have to wait your turn, which could be hours or days.

Learning how to refill your scuba air tanks can get you in the water quicker.

Continue reading if you are looking for a guide on how to keep your compressor in working order.

Know the Difference Between a Scuba Air Compressor and a Regular Air Compressor

On the surface, air compressors do the same job. They compress air. What makes air compressors for scuba tanks different is the high pressure needed to get the adequate setting.

For scuba diving, you will need 3,000 PSI, which is the required pounds per square inch. The force of the pressure increases the amount of air that goes into the tank.

A regular air compressor does not have the capacity to reach the required level.

How Does Air Compressors Run?

Air compressors are either electric or run off of gas. Electrical units are more popular, though. Regardless of which type you choose, make sure you have adequate storage.

Two things to keep in mind when considering the purchase of a scuba air compressor. They are expensive but will pay-off in the long run. A properly maintained unit, like a car, will last longer with proper repair and maintenance.

Once you become an expert at using your system, you can pay for its upkeep by refilling air tanks for others.

You’ll Need an Air Cleaning System

Water cannot be compressed and air contains water vapor. Therefore, you should not breathe in the air that comes directly from the air compressor.

Your compressor needs to have a means to separate not only water from the air, but oil and other particles. This is done with the use of filters, a dryer, and a water trap.

The ultimate goal is for your scuba air compressor to release only clean air into your scuba tank. Not only is it better for your body, but contaminants can damage the inside of the tank by creating rust.

Getting the Air from the Compressor to the Scuba Tank

If you are using your compressor for personal use, all you will need is a high-pressure hose. For commercial businesses that fill scuba tanks throughout the day, consider a large storage tank.

Commercial tank filling services require a few extra steps and equipment for efficient use.

Now That You Know How Simple It Is to Use an Air Compressor What are Waiting For?

Avid scuba divers should invest in their own scuba air compressor for ease and convenience. Whether you’re looking for a new or used air compressor, check out our high-pressure breathing air compressors to see what we have to offer.