5 Important Industries That Require Air Compressors

You might be surprised that many types of industries use air compressors. They’re an efficient and effective supply of power for various use cases.

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes in the production of your trusted vehicle? Or maybe you’ve thought about your favorite beer and would like to learn more about how it’s made.

In regards to your every-day items, you’ve probably never thought about how air compressors come into play.

If you’d like to learn more about how modern industries utilize compressors, keep reading!

1. Automotive

The automotive industry has used air compressors for a long time. Compressor-run power tools cut back on time requirements in shops and factories. These jack-of-all-trades tools make excellent additions to any paint or detailing business.

Most automotive manufacturing companies use compressors on their assembly floors. The automation and easy use of compression powered tools mean they can produce cars at an accelerated pace.

2. Agricultural

Compressors are a big part of the agricultural industry as well.

For example, dairy farms use air powered pumps for milking cows. Also, compressors can be used for water production, fertilizer, pesticide sprayers, and even to help eradicate greenhouse gasses.

For the agricultural industry, investing in an air compressor system will keep the day-to-day of any farm running smoothly.

3. Air Purification for First Responders

When it comes to purifying air, many would not expect a compressor to play such a huge role. However, one of the most effective methods of keeping the air we breathe clean is to pressurize it.

Many fire departments have begun to invest in mobile air purification systems that allow their teams to breathe easy in life-threatening environments.

Also, in most SCUBA equipment you can find pressurized air systems. This makes it a great tool for our military personnel who may need to take part in water rescues or missions.

4. Woodworking

Another industry where compressors are used is in woodworking. For woodworkers everywhere, compressors make life easy. From compressed air drills and nail guns to even stain guns, these tools can be found in nearly every construction site.

Furniture manufacturing is another big user of air compressors. When it comes to pressed wood for tables, shelves, and even flooring, compressors can get the job done.

5. Breweries

Last but definitely not least is the brewing industry.

How exactly is your favorite beer made? Often, it’s with compressors! What will probably surprise you is that some air compressors play a vital role in beer production.

In regards to taste, CO2 and Nitrogen are often the gases that make your favorite beer taste good. And, to get the proper amounts of each in your draught, you’ll need an air compressor.

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