How to Maintain Your SCBA Fill Station at Your Firehouse

Did you know that many firefighters consider their SCBA gear the most protective piece of equipment they wear during a fire?

Not only is a firefighter’s respiratory system the largest system in their body, but it’s also the most vulnerable one.

When you spend your life protecting others, it’s vital to ensure that the gear protecting you works properly. This involves performing regular inspections and maintenance of not only your SCBA gear but your SCBA fill station as well.

If it has been a while since you last looked over your firehouse’s SCBA fill station, it’s time to do something about it.

Here’s your simple guide for proper maintenance.

Maintaining a Firehouse SCBA Fill Station

Whether you’re doing a mobile or a standard stationary refill, an SCBA refill station allows you to refill cylinders more safely.

1. Seek Proper Education

Setting up and operating an SCBA fill station properly will require some training. Your best option is to find a certified fire SCBA supplier and ask when their next training is.

If you’re already set up and have questions about usage or proper maintenance, it’s pretty simple: review the manual.

The SCBA fill station manual will provide information on the warranty as well as maintenance help.

Trying to set up, complete repairs, or perform proper maintenance without first reading this information could end up in you accidentally voiding the warranty. Don’t do this.

2. Keep Thorough Records

While this may seem like an obvious maintenance step to most fire departments, proper record keeping will ensure that your SCBA refill station is current and up to snuff.

Record any repairs, tests, or cleaning tasks each time they are conducted. This will help you make sure your refill station is receiving the regular updates and upkeep it needs to work properly.

3. Keep Things Clean

Keeping your SCBA refill station separate from the rest of your SCBA gear is a great way to extend its life.

This is because when SCBA gear is brought back from the field, it’s often covered with grime, dirt, and debris (not to mention, it can be contaminated with dangerous fumes or materials).

You absolutely want to keep such contaminants far away from where you’ll be filling your tanks.

The same concept of separation applies to mask service repairs and your tool repair area. Keep any aspect of your gear that may be dirty away from refill stations, and mask parts for that matter.

Your station’s heat exchanger may also clog as the cooling system reduces the station’s temperatures. That’s why cleaning the heat exchanger should be another regular aspect of your station’s maintenance.

4. Replace Worn Hoses

As soon as you notice any wear on your hoses, replace them right away.

Having cracked hoses can cause problems for your compressor. Your best bet is to purchase replacement hoses from your SCBA parts provider.

5. Eliminate Moisture

This step is simple. Part of your SCBA refill station’s job is to collect moisture. Just be sure you regularly empty the moisture drainage valves.

More on SCBA Equipment

Now that you have some basics for SCBA fill station maintenance, don’t put it off. Ensure the health and safety of your firehouse and team by completing a thorough inspection today.

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