5 Reasons to Buy An Air Compressor

When you are thinking of the must-have tools you need, air compressors may not be at the top of that list.

Why do you need that taking up space when you’ll probably never use it?

Well, think again.

An air compressor is actually a great tool with a variety of applications. You may benefit from having one without even knowing it. Check out five reasons to learn about this wonderful machine’s uses.

1. Air Up Tires

When you think of air compressors, airing up tires is probably the first use that comes to mind. It’s a good idea to have an air compressor at home for times when your tires are low.

It’s important to know that you can overfill your tires so you need to know the correct PSI for your tires. The last thing you want is to have the tires explode. A tire gauge is a great tool to have handy when you are using an air compressor to add air to your tires.

2. Pressure Washers

Need to clean your driveway or pool deck? Compressors can be used as pressure washers to clean stubborn surfaces. Remember that you should never point this at people or pets. Beware, you may become addicted to all the cleaning you can do with this awesome tool.

3. Sandblasting

Are you needing to remove paint and prepare surfaces for a new paint job? You can use an air compressor for sandblasting certain materials like wood and metal. Take note that compressors are very powerful, so you want to be certain that whatever material you are using it on won’t be ruined.

Air compressors can also be used as an air sander. They can smooth objects without the heat produced by a typical electric sander.

4. Drying and Clean Up

Compressed air can make cleaning a cinch. Whether in your home, garage, or shop, you can use an air compressor to clean. You can use a compressor to clean out small cracks and crevices. Dust between the keys of your keyboard? Compressed air will remove that easily.

A compressor is also a great way to quickly dry certain surfaces of vehicles, machinery, and cabinets. With all the different sizes that air compressors come in, you can easily move one indoors and outdoors with ease.

5. Painting

Painting can be easier when you use air compressors. You can attach a compressor powered spray gun to the compressor to paint furniture and cabinets of all sizes. That home project that you’ve been dreading will be much easier with the power from an air compressor.

Speaking of paint, you can even use a compressor for a game of paintball.

An Air Compressor Is a Must Have Tool

An air compressor is a must-have in your home arsenal. They are incredibly versatile and most importantly, cost-effective. Now that you know the many uses of this tool, you need to get one now.

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