The Importance of Dew Point Measurement in Compressed Air Systems


Are you looking for a way to maintain the integrity of your compressed air system?

A 5 hp rotary air compressor has might cost around $2,500 to $5,000. But an industrial air compressor system can cost quite a bit more depending on its features.

These systems can be helpful tools to use at your home or in an industrial setting. But in order to maximize the benefit of a compressed air system, you need to have it operating efficiently.

Read on to learn more about what dew point measurement is and why it is important to your compressed air system.

What is Dew Point?

Pressure dew point is an important thing to understand in relation to your compressed air system.

The dew point is the temperature where compressed air is saturated. But what does it mean for air to be saturated? Saturation occurs when the air is unable to hold additional water vapor. When this happens, water vapor begins to condense.

The importance of dew point measurement depends on the application in which you are using your compressor. For example, if you are working in an environment where there are low temperatures, you are at risk of freezing.

Inside of pipes in cold areas, you must be aware of the dew point of your air because it can freeze in pipes. This can cause you to have to shut down your system until the air thaws!

How is Dew Point Measured?

The accuracy of your dew point measure is crucial to operating your compressed air system successfully.

The dew point is measured by using a tool called a dew point sensor. This sensor is hooked up to the air line of your system but should not be installed in any place on the line.

The Sample Cell and Isolation Valve

You should choose a sample cell and connect that to the compressed air line at your point of interest. A sample cell should be made of stainless steel. That’s because your cell will be more sturdy and last longer.

Another thing you should consider when installing a dew point sensor is to also install an isolation valve. These valves are most effective when they are located between the sample cell and the air line.

The importance of an isolation valve is that it makes for easier removal of the dew point sensor.

Once you have the sensor connected, you will then bleed a small amount of compressed air past the sensor to obtain your dew point reading.

Wrapping Up: The Importance of Dew Point Measurement

Dew point measurement is essential to keep your compressed air system running smoothly.

By taking time to understand what the dew point is and the importance of things like a sample cell and an isolation valve, you can receive more accurate readings and limit the risk of downtime in your system.

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