Your Quick Guide to Air Compressor Troubleshooting

Regardless of the industry, there’s never a good time to have an air compressor fail.

For example, scuba diving compressors and paintball compressors require optimal performance to ensure safety and reliability.

In military markets or civil services like police work and firefighting, a compressor problem can mean huge public safety risks.

However, with an industrial air compressor, equipment downtime can have a huge cost.

In the auto market alone, equipment downtime is estimated at $22,000 per minute.

Performing air compressor troubleshooting now can get your equipment back up and running. Try this checklist to find out what’s wrong with your compressor:

1. Will It Operate at All?

Your compressor is dead. There is no response from any of the controls and your air compressor is not working at all.

If your compressor is completely unresponsive you may have an issue with the power. Check the connection to the power source in these cases.

If your power source is connected, your power switch may also be the culprit. Make sure you double-check oil levels as well.

But remember, safety is the first priority. Make sure you follow all safety guidelines to avoid workplace injuries.

2. Is Your Air Compressor Making Excessive Noise?

If you are hearing excessive noise, you are right to be alarmed. You can be doing further damage to your compressor if you continue to operate under these conditions.

One of the biggest reasons for excessive noise is improper mounting. Even if your compressor operated properly for a long period of time, the mounting may not be sturdy enough for your equipment.

Other places to look for the source of noise include the pistons and the crankcase. Your crankcase may need new bearings.

3. Are You Replacing Oil Too Frequently?

If your compressor seems to be going through oil too quickly it could be a sign of some larger issues. You may have an oil leak.

A good place to look in these cases is the piston rings. Worn piston rings may be leading to your machine losing oil far too rapidly.

Also, check the air intake. You may have a blockage or an obstruction.

4. Is the Pressure Off?

If you are getting the wrong amount of pressure, or no pressure at all, you may have a different problem entirely. The first place to check is if you have a blockage at your air intake.

Also, check the size of your hose. The wrong size hose won’t deliver the pressure you require in some cases.

Avoid Air Compressor Troubleshooting

The right air compressor equipment and the best maintenance program can help you avoid air compressor troubleshooting entirely. At Max-Air, we offer dependable high-pressure air compressors for every industry.

With Max-Air, you can avoid compressor problems altogether. We offer air compressors for Scuba, Fire, Paintball, Military, and Industrial needs.

But just as important as the right equipment is maintaining your equipment properly. By scheduling regular maintenance tasks you will head off unplanned downtime.

Depending on your compressor, you will want to perform quarterly, semi-annual, and annual preventative maintenance tasks to ensure performance.

Learn more about proper maintenance for your air compressor.