MaxAir 180 Twin E3

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(Electric Driven)

21.6 scfm (36.7 m3/hr)/ 5000 psi (345 bar)

(Three Phase 50 or 60 Hz)

High capacity breathing air compressor system designed for total efficiency.

The Max-Air® 180 Twin is designed specifically for fire departments, dive centers, industrial, marine, police and military applications who demand high volume with fail-safe redundancy.
Consisting of two, totally independent, air systems in one fully enclosed sound attenuated cabinet. You will not find a more compact 18.0 F.A.D., 21.6 scfm compressor anywhere!

The Max-Air® 180 Twin offers two 9.0 F.A.D per system for a total of 21.6 scfm (36.7 m3/hr)** available capacity. This unique design ensures you will ALWAYS have air. Operate one system when your demand is low and save on electrical costs or operate both systems when demand is high.

These units will give you years of dependable service at a price you can afford.

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Additional information

Standard Features Included in Base Price

Two independent compressors in one cabinet (2) electric, 7.5 hp, 220/440 Volt AC, three phase motors available in 50 or 60 Hz, (2) Independent, tri-chem breathing air purification systems with activated carbon/molecular sieve/hopcalite, Durable powder coated, fully enclosed, sound attenuated cabinet, Dual, deluxe main control panels, Exclusive Dial-A-Pressure (D.A.P.) final pressure switch and gauge assembly allows for quick finger tip pressure settings and automatic shut off, Automatic Start/Stop switch, Emergency stop mushroom switch, (2) Hour meters, Magnetic starter with thermal overload protection, (2) External oil level sight glass indicators with oil drain, (2) Automatic and Manual Purge (A.M.P.) condensate drain systems with collectors, (1) Final pressure gauge 0~5800psig (400bar), (2) Pressure maintaining valves, Pressure relief valves at all stages, (4) High pressure filling hoses with On/Off valve and bleed for SCUBA or SCBA, One year warranty, 700 lbs (318 kg), Length 35″ x Depth 33 1/2″ x Height 53″

Factory options not included in base price

LO-1005:Low oil shut down switch x 2-each, HT-1006:Hight temp shut down switch x 2-each, MI-4000:Air line visual moisture/CO indicator x 1-each, IS-1000:Interstage pressure gauges x 2-each

Specifications Pumping Group

Construction:Two continuous duty, air cooled, three stage, three cylinder high pressure compressors, all stainless steel interstage and final stage coolers., Max Pressure:5000 psig(345 bar), Approx. Output:18 F.A.D., 21.6 scfm (36.7 m3/hr) charging rate)**, Cyl. Diameters:1st stage 95mm, 2nd stage 38mm, 3rd stage 14mm, Lubrication:Splash lubrication with oil thrower pin, Oil Type:MaxLube 501 synthetic compressor oil, Oil Capacity:58 oz. (1.7 liters) per compressor, Drive motors:Two – 7.5hp 230/460 volt AC electric motors in three phase 50 or 60 Hz, Noise Level:81 decibels @ 3 meters, Refill Time:21.6 scfm(36.7 m3/hr)**, 3.7 mins*, *Time required to fill an 80 cu ft cylinder from 500 to 3000 psig **Based on charging an 80 cu ft cylinder from 500 to 3000 psig ***Specifications and prices subject to change without notice

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