MaxAir 90 Std Auto 6K



(Electric Driven)
10.8 scfm (18.4 m3/hr) / 6000 psi (414 bar)

(Single or Three Phase)

Stationary, Electric driven, high pressure, breathing air compressor for SCUBA, SCBA & Paintball.  Designed for economy, and simplicity at an affordable price, loaded with standard features.

This fully automatic model Max-Air® 90 Std/Auto has all the standard features of the Max-Air® 90 Std plus; #CD-1000 automatic condensate drains; #AS-1001 automatic start and stop pressure switch; #MS-3001 magnetic starter, thermal overload, fused transformer, hour meter all UL listed installation and components. Will refill your cascade or cylinder automatically and stop when the cylinder capacity is reached, while draining the condensate during the fill time. Drains periodically and on shut down, so no moisture will remain in the system while not in use and will restart without load on the motor.

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