MaxAir 35 GH

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4.2 scfm** 4800 psi

compact, personal portable, high pressure, non-continuous duty breathing air supply.

The Max-Air 35 Standard high pressure air compressor is the most reliable, compact and portable compressor available today. Ideal for location dives or pleasure boats where portability, space and weight are considerations. Economical to run and easy to maintain, the Max-Air 35 will give years of high quality breathing air in locations where dive centers or air stations are not available.  This high pressure air compressor has become a MUST HAVE for PCP air rifle enthusiasts. Never again get caught at the range or out hunting without air.

The compressor is designed to fill one tank at a time and not engineered or manufactured for continuous duty filling of storage tanks or cascade storage systems of any kind.   It will fill an 80 cu ft scuba tank to 3000 psi in about 19-22 minutes depending on power source.                

                FEATURES                                                                                      OPTIONS

  • Portability                                                                                       Stainless Steel Frame
  • Up to 4500 psi                                                                                Visual CO & Moisture Indicator
  • Grade E breathing air                                                                    Automatic Condensate Drains
  • Hour Meter                                                                                     Remote Start/Stop Switch
  • 4′ fill whip with valve (Yoke/DIN)
  • Pressure switch for auto shutoff (Gas models)
  • First oil change
  • First filter

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Additional information

Weight 145 lbs
Dimensions 45 × 26 × 25 in
Standard Features Included in Base Price

4.2 scfm** – Fills an 80cft tank in approx 22 min*, Reliable 6.0hp Subaru® gasoline engine, Truly portable at only 85 lbs (38 kg), Dimensions: Length 28” x Depth 13” x Height 15”, Mounted on a durable powder coated steel frame with convenient carry handles, Oil/water separating chambers (manual drains), Tri-chem breathing air purification system with activated carbon/molecular sieve 13X /hopcalite, Disposable purification cartridge is convenient and easy to replace, Pressure maintaining valve for optimum air processing and prolonged cycle life – see a above, AS-1001 Automatic shut off pressure switch – see e above, Final pressure relief valve, Digital hour/tachometer standard – see b above, Intake filter, Oil filled pressure gauge 0~5800psi/400bar, Filling hose with On/Off valve and bleed – see d above, (SCUBA yoke, SCBA, DIN300 or Paintball), 12 oz. MaxLube 501 synthetic compressor oil, Rigid, 2 piece intake extension tube – see c above (gas model only), Spare parts list and owners manual, One year warranty

Factory options not included in base price

MI-4000: Air line visual moisture/CO indicator, CALL US!!:All Stainless Steel Frame, Belt Guard and Fan Cover

Specifications Pumping Group

Construction: Air cooled, four stage, four cylinder high pressure, Max Pressure: 4800psig-330bar, Approx. Output: 3.5 F.A.D. 4.2 scfm charging rate**, Max R.P.M.: 2800, Lubrication: Splash lubrication with oil thrower pin, Oil Capacity: 12 oz., Oil Type: MaxLube 501 synthetic compressor oil, Drive Motor Options: 6hp Subaru® gasoline engine non-continuous duty, compressor, all stainless steel interstage and final stage coolers, AC electric motors in single or three phase 115v/230v/240v @50 or 60hz, (Plug not provided, consult your local electrical code.), Noise Level: 87 dB at 3 meters *Time required to fill an 80 cu. ft. cylinder from 500 to 3000 psig **Based on charging an 80 cu. ft. cylinder from 500 to 3000 psig *** Specifications and prices subject to change without notice

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