5 Important Air Compressor Maintenance Tips to Follow

5 Important Air Compressor Maintenance Tips to Follow

5 Important Air Compressor Maintenance Tips to Follow

Keeping your compressor working effectively is only possible with regular maintenance. Here are 5 top air compressor maintenance tips for you to follow.

Did you realize that companies are spending more on equipment than ever before? Most business owners the only way to create more profit is by putting the right tools in the hands of their employees.

One of the most used tools in the industrialized world is the air compressor. The only way to keep these important tools in good shape is by performing essential air compressor maintenance.

The following are some of the things you need to consider when trying to keep your air compressor maintained.

1. Air Compressor Maintenance Starts With Removing Moisture

The first thing you need to consider when trying to maintain your air compressor is removing moisture from its tanks. The receiver tank attached to the compressor will create lots of moisture during operation.

Most of the compressors on the market have a valve designed to remove this moisture. Failing to use these valves after each use can create problems. Before you use the valve, be sure to release the air pressure in the tanks.

2. Cleaning the Intake Vents is Important

Forcing an air compressor to work too hard on a consistent basis will generally lead to a total system breakdown. Not only will this lead to a business being without the compressor, but it will also actually degrade the quality of this machine over time.

One of the best ways to keep the air in this machine flowing is by cleaning the intake vents. If these vents are dusty, it will overwork the compressor. The time invested in cleaning the intake vents will pay off due to the increased efficiency it will provide.

3. Inspecting and Tightening Fasteners

As an air compressor runs, it will vibrate a great deal. Over time, these vibrations can cause the fasteners on the compressor to loosen.

This is why you will need to both check and tighten these fasteners. Neglecting to do this can lead to significant damage.

4. Take the Time to Inspect and Replace Hoses When Needed

One of the most important components on an air compressor is the hoses attached to it. Without these hoses, it will be difficult for your employees to use this machine.

The longer the same hoses are on a compressor, the higher the chance will become of them malfunctioning. Routinely inspecting these hoses is a great way to spot problems before they cause lots of damage.

Investing in high-quality compressor hoses is essential when trying to get the most out of your air compressor. Skimping on the quality of the hoses used to save money will generally backfire.

5. Check and Change Air Filters Regularly

Another important thing you need to do to keep your compressor functional is to check and change its air filters. If dirt is allowed to bypass these filters, it can cause the compressor to shut down.

Inspecting the air filters is a great way to figure out how well they are holding up. If you see that an air filter is covered with dirt, you need to replace it immediately.

Getting Some Professional Help is a Good Idea

If you are uncomfortable with performing air compressor maintenance on your own, working with professionals is a good idea. With their assistance, you can keep your air compressor functional for years to come.

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