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Custom FP-4000-4 (4 Port Fill Panel) or FP-4000-2 ( 2 Port Fill Panel) Call for Details


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High Pressure Air Fill/Control Panel, 0~6000 psi with 4 outlets for SCBA / SCUBA / Paintball


Dimensions width 15” x height 9 3/8” x depth 5 1/2” with 4 each bulk head mounting holes.


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Standard Features Included in Base Price

On/Off Valve – clockwise to close, counterclockwise to open., 0~6000 psi self venting pressure reducing regulator turn clockwise to increase pressure – counterclockwise to decrease. (MAKE SURE YOU MATCH CYLINDER RATED PRESSURE), 0~6000 psi oil filled stainless steel pressure gauge – shows actual filling pressure., 0~6000 psi oil filled gauge – shows HP air storage pressure., #4 JIC-male outlet ports x 4., #4 JIC-male inlet port from HP air storage., NOTE: AIR BUBBLE IN GAUGE FACE IS FOR EXPANSION AND CONTRACTION OF OIL AT VARIOUS TEMPERATURES. DO NOT FILL ABOVE CYLINDER RATED PRESSURE OR OUT DATED CYLINDERS